Piazza San Marco & The Bridge of Sighs

Photo Credit:  A. Isenring , borrowed from the restaurant’s  Google Review

Photo Credit: A. Isenring, borrowed from the restaurant’s Google Review

There is no better perch to view The Grand Canal and The Island of Murano where they make the famous colorful blown glass than sitting at the top of The Hotel Danielli Restaurant in Venice. 

The Hotel Danieli is located right next to Piazza San Marco aka St Mark's Square and the Bridge of Sighs. If you like music, St Marks Square has small orchestras outside of their restaurants and  in the evening they respectively play beautiful music while the nearby orchestras take a break. You'll see the crowds of people following the wonderful melodies & classics going from one restaurant to another within the Square.  If you dare, one can waltz, fox trot or swing dance with your partner. 

However, the Bridge of Sighs which is about 100 feet high off the water connects the court building to the dungeon and this is the last time a prisoner gets to look out the window to see their beautiful Venice before they are taken down to their cell. 

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